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The information below is not a complete listing of events happening in the Jewish community of Winnipeg. Please visit the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg's Community Calendar by clicking here for more listings of participating organizations.


> Submit an event - Email or call 204-287-5130. Please send the title, date, time and location, a brief summary of the event, how to get more information and the organization holding the event. Feel free to include an event poster as a PDF or send a web link where readers can find full details.



What is happening in the messy Middle East is detailed regularly on every news platform. The why and what led up to it is the basis of a talk that Margaret MacMillan, a renowned Canadian born historian and in demand speaker will give in Winnipeg on April 15, 2018.
The public is invited to hear Ms MacMillan as the 2018 Distinguished Speaker address:

The First World War and the Making of the Modern Middle East
The 13th Annual Sol and Kanee Distinguished Speaker event
Sunday, April 15th  7:30 p.m 
Congregation Shaarey Zedek    561 Wellington Crescent  Winnipeg

Now a professor at the University of Oxford, Ms MacMillan previously taught history at the Universities of Toronto and Ryerson. She is the author of several books that explain history in an engaging way that is easy to relate to and to understand. Her talk will focus on the critical events, and the decisions of the key arbiters that set us onto the course that brought us to what is happening today in the world’s hot spot – the crucible of the modern Middle East.  

 “We should look closely at the facts we know and in particular how people choose to remember and to feel about historical events. That indicates how and why things unfold and how we can understand what shape the future may take.”

Margaret MacMillan unravels the threads of history responsible for weaving the situation in the complex emotional and conflict laden Middle East.  She does so from the point of view of a global citizen, a time traveler and with all her native Canadian sensibilities.

The talk pivots on the era of Paris 1919 covered in her book by the same title. That is when three men made decisions about international borders and reparations, affecting to this day the fates of millions of people around the world. Some say their choices laid the foundation for World War ll.

Ms MacMillan is not only a popular and highly respected historian but she is also the great-granddaughter of one of the conference's principals, David Lloyd George. She comes to the topic of the peace that failed and begat the challenges we face today both by lineage and lifelong learning.

This event is the only annual fundraising event for the JHCWC ( whose outreach programs, archives, artifacts, museum, speakers and special community events at large offer a complete source on Western Canadian Jewish history and Holocaust education. Tickets $36/$18 students For more information contact: Jewish Heritage Centre: 204-478-8590

Project Heart

An initiative of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), with the support of the Government of Israel, Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce - Project HEART — aims to provide the tools, strategy, and information to enable the Government of Israel, the project, and its partners to bring about a small measure of justice to eligible heirs of Jewish victims, the victims themselves, and the Jewish people.

At this initial stage, Project HEART is focusing on identifying individuals with potential claims regarding the following types of private property for which no restitution was received after the Holocaust era: (1) private property that was located in countries that were controlled by the Nazi forces or Axis powers at any time during the Holocaust era; and (2) private property that belonged to Jewish persons as defined by Nazi/Axis racial laws; and (3) private property that was confiscated, looted, or forcibly sold by the Nazi forces or Axis powers during the Holocaust era.

"Many victims of the Holocaust returned to their homes to find that they had no ability to recover their own property," said Natan Sharansky, Jewish Agency for Israel's Chairman. "Project HEART is a general comprehensive program that is launched to gather information with the eventual purpose of receiving compensation for property looted, stolen, or forcibly sold during the Holocaust.".

For more information, please visit

JEWISH CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICE is in need of non-perishable, nutritious food to stock their emergency food pantry. High protein items such as tins of tuna or salmon, peanut butter, canned soups and pastas can help make a difference to individuals or families who are in need of this assistance. A JCFS food bin is located at the synagogue. Thank you for your help.





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